Gym Workout Routine Upgrade Options

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There's many simple changes you can make to your gym workouts in order to make them harder (or easier). Such as, changing your exercise choices, changing the order of your exercises, adding exercises, adding training days, decreasing rest time (days and/ or rest between sets), increasing the weights, increasing the reps, increasing the sets etc. etc.

Introducing "advanced" training techniques is also another favorite of mine, for example, heightening the difficulty of a lackluster workout with superset's, tri-sets, giant sets, drop sets and super-slow reps. These can be factored in to a gym workout or used intuitively. For more details on these, check out: Advanced Weight Training Options.

The only limitation of your gym workouts thinking is you, however (and it's a big HOWEVER), there's many things to be mindful of in order to adopt a "good" strategy and bring about a positive change. My article Gym Workout Routines Factors to Consider is a great place to start - this article covers exercise choices, exercise order, sets and reps, training days.

The suggested progression plans of the free gym workouts provided on this site also adopt many of the above strategies in order to further your workouts in a positive way (they're tried and tested!). Better-still, purchase my acclaimed bestseller Gym Workouts Maps to Success, which provides proven progression process maps and hundreds of related gym workouts - there's some real workout gems that you'll love! Check out the book here: Gym Workouts Maps to Success

So, without further ado, back to training :)

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