Weight Training for Sports

American Football (NFL)

Even if your sport is not directly related to training with weights, your performance can be (if done correctly) greatly improved. Many top sports clubs and organizations now have specific Strength Training and Conditioning Coaches whose goal is to help improve match day physical performance through supplementary training.

 As with all sports, training philosophies and methods will vary, so you may notice differences from club to club and coach to coach. I've worked with several top class athletes myself and, over the past few years, due to helping to design specialist gym equipment for top sports clubs, spoken with many of their Strength Training Coaches, and all will have slightly different ideas and methods. Arguably most coaches are judged on their success.

On the website, you'll find sports-specific workouts, periodization plans for different sports, an exercise index featuring 300+ exercises, and much, much more to help you achieve success in your chosen sport.