Warm Up

Warm up

Warming-up is a sequence of exercise that precedes your gym workout.

If you are performing a sport or workout that is aerobic, your warm-up should prepare your cardiovascular system for the rigours of this workout or event. The warm-up should be designed to raise the body’s core temperature and be performed at a low intensity – it is not a workout in itself!

Likewise, when lifting weights, your warm-up should be relevant. You should perform warm-up sets of any exercise you are to perform. Typically, I would suggest 2 to 4 warm-up sets (starting with a very light weight) of each exercise before undertaking working sets of that same exercise. Warm-up sets will serve to locally heat the muscles in use and help to lubricate relevant joints in readiness.

For a gym workout that relates to both disciplines, such as an endurance gym workout routine with weights, I would be inclined to suggest an aerobic warm-up followed by warm-up sets, although you may warrant less warm-ups sets.

As per most subjects, warming-up is open to debate on which methods are best. As always, I would suggest adapting things to the individual and their endeavor. It should be remembered that the purpose of warming-up is to help improve performance and avoid injury.

This page is an extract from the acclaimed book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success.