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Dumbbell Workouts

GP (Gym Professor) writing. Whether it's my own training or helping others workout, weight training is one of the loves of my life. No matter what your physique goal or sporting activity, weight training can help toward this endeavor. There are many widespread misconceptions about training with weights (or any type of resistance training for that matter), not helped by misleading advertising, but, hopefully this site & my constant use of analogies will help to clarify things and set you on the right track.

Realising that many of you will be looking for guidance, the Gym Professor website includes:

Numerous exercise diagrams - providing basic instruction and detailing muscles exercised, what the exercise is for & who the exercise is for.

Weight training & gym routines - relating to your physique goals & sports.

Periodization strategies - for general training and sports.

Fitness assessments - performing fitness tests & measuring hopefully positive trends.

Workout articles and training tips.

& Much more besides...

For successful weight training, I would suggest you have a basic understanding of nutrition and anatomy (in particular kinesiology). Information on both can be found on the Gym Professor website.

Incredibly helpful & thorough books will be released over time, with in-depth information and even more guidance on the above subject matters. So, if you find the Gym Professor website useful, please consider purchasing one of our great books.