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Strength Training

Please find below a Sample Strength Workout Routine to help you achieve your strength goals.

The Sample Strength Workout Routine is what I (GP) would describe as a beginner to intermediate strength program - this does not mean a beginner should attempt this gym workout routine! Simply, if you (or your client) has achieved reasonable progression with "less advanced" gym workout routines, such as the sample Toning for Men 12 week gym routine, then the sample strength program below is a sensible progression.

The acclaimed Gym Professor publication Gym Workouts: Maps to Success provides easy-to-use process maps with hundreds of gym workout routines for you to follow. To give you a taster, training many club athletes at one time often means having to be a little more creative with gym workouts and/ or using less kit. At the foot of the page are two further alternate strength workout examples - Dumbbell Strength Workout, Barbell Strength Workout - that I've used in the aforementioned circumstance.

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After completing this sample 12 week gym program, you can review Gym Routine Upgrade Options, or, if you're wanting to follow more of a bodybuilding route, review Bodybuilding Gym Workouts.

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Strength Training Gym Workouts