Gym Workout Routines - Circuit Training

Narrow-Grip Press-Ups

A circuit training program can be performed with either time or laps basis. Your gym workout choice may depend on several factors, including participant numbers, time, equipment & the participants sport.

Please find below a sample four week non-specific time-based circuit training workout program, taken from the acclaimed publication Gym Workouts: Maps to Success. Many more workouts (over 150) can be found within this book.

The sample workout below is an ideal choice following the 12 week Toning Workout, or, as a transition between endurance or strength workouts (Note: please click relevant links to view other gym workouts).

Some sport-specific examples of circuit training workouts can also be found under the Sports-Specific Workouts section.

For further gym advice, please feel free to browse and consider purchasing the recommended book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success, which provides easy-to-use process maps with hundreds of gym workout routines for you to follow (whatever your ability, sport or goal). You can now also download our acclaimed gym workout app (for free!) at the following link... Gym Workout App.

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Circuit Training Workouts (various)