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I (GP) am asked about bodybuilding workouts numerous times a day. I cannot blindly tell someone army-style "do this, don't do that etc.", preferring to explain why I feel a certain method of training is appropriate or inappropriate given an individual's scenario. A common response is often a mixture of bemusement and disappointment over the gym routines that they've been performing & gratitude and excitement about the concepts they've learnt, which is replicated tenfold several months down the line when they've made their desired progress.

With reference to the above, a typical scenario is:

A relatively new gym-goer training each body part once a week. He feels he's training correctly, as every week he's suffering muscle soreness yet his weights and physique remain the same. Hmmmm. Remember, your body adapts to the stimulus you place upon it. In order for your muscle to break down and grow, you have to be placing it under a greater load frequently. If you are suffering the same muscle soreness each week, but the load remains the same, this is an indication that your muscle has not adapted (grown) to cope with this heavier load. He may also warrant an increase in dietary protein.

Anyway, I won't give any more scenario's - I'll save these for FAQs and other relevant web pages. Subsequently, despite me not wanting to tell you army-style "do this!", please find a Sample Bodybuilding Gym Workout below. Remember, this is only a sample gym routine, but it does follow general rules of thumb (see 'Gym Workout Rules of Thumb' article). Also remember, your body needs to adapt progressively - I would recommend that you have been weight training consistently for 6 months to a year, performing gym routines such as toning and strength (in that respective order), before attempting the sample bodybuilding gym routine below. At the foot of the page are further bodybuilding gym routines. You can now also download our acclaimed gym workout app (for free!) at, or simply search 'GP Shuffle' in the App Store.

Another sample 2 day split routine for bodybuilding can be found below, as well as a more advanced 3 day split routine. For further ideas, review 'Gym Routine Upgrade Options' article, or, for hundreds of gym workouts and process maps to follow, please consider buying the bestselling book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success.

Bodybuilding Gym Workout Routines

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