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Find weight training gym workout routines to set you on the right path to achieving your workout and physique goals. These are sample gym workout routines only, as featured in the highly recommended Gym Workouts: Maps to Success book. For further tuition, you can now download (for free!) our acclaimed gym workout app GP Shuffle - a Personal Trainer in your pocket and then some. Join the 10,000+ happy users working out with GP Shuffle on their mobile.

Working out, your training should follow a gradual progression (as your planned season allows), with sensible transitions from one gym routine to another. I have covered more on periodization of training and training transitions amongst other articles on the web site and in our free newsletter. The subject's covered more comprehensively (with examples to follow) within the suggested Gym Workouts: Maps to Success book, which details sensible process maps to follow in order to achieve your desired goals.

Please remember, DO NOT RUN BEFORE YOU CAN WALK! I say this because, many newbies will adopt gym workout routines that are far beyond them and will therefore make little gains and increase their risk of injury. If in doubt, contact a competent professional regarding your training or consider the purchase of the aforementioned book, or download our free workout app. As the Gym Professor slogan suggests, "Knowledge is Power" - do the sensible thing and follow a "sensible" training plan.

You should find the gym workout routines provided and related articles of great interest and benefit to your future training.

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