Manta Ray Review

Manta Ray squat pad

The Manta Ray squat aid has long been one of those products which I (GP) just can't help but think "Damn, I wish I came up with that!" - it's almost as good as Globe Gripz! Regardless, I'm glad someone did! It's simplicity, and that Advanced Fitness patented the product, are the Manta Ray's overwhelming reasons that it's stood the test of time and kept many weight training enthusiasts squatting happily for so many years.

Well made from highly-resilient polyurethane polymer (PU), a Manta Ray will outlast you, which makes the USD($)49.95 Manta Ray price tag an absolute bargain! The only reason I've known weight trainers re-purchase the Manta Ray is through theft or having lost it. They've re-purchased because the Manta Ray works! This reminds me very much of our Globe Gripz - similarly to the Manta Ray, if it significantly improves the comfort of lifts and lasts forever, it's a no-brainer. 

Unlike using a barbell pad or towel, which serves only to cushion the load, the Manta Ray distributes the load across your Trapezius muscles, hence it being the shape of a Manta Ray. Personally, as someone who's squat in excess of 3 times their bodyweight (this is not intended to be "dick measuring"), discomfort through the resting point of the bar has never been an issue, although this is the primary reason that most of you will buy it. Instead, for me, the most positive attribute is to avoid rolling of the bar and stress on the shoulder complex, which can be interrelated and can lead to serious injury! Both issues are solved when squatting with the Manta Ray, which, despite your hands still being positioned in the conventional manner to squat, feels very much like a Top Squat or Safety Squat Bar to use, but a lot cheaper & portable (fits in your gym bag!).

Of note, I've also found the Manta Ray of use with taller individuals (6ft +), improving their technique significantly and reducing strain on the lower back.

So, in short, if you find discomfort when squatting, I highly recommend the purchase of the Manta Ray squat device. A few of our Approved Globe Gripz Dealers sale the Manta Ray, so contact these guys - EliteFTS (USA), (USA), Gym Ratz (UK), Sam's Fitness (Australia) - to buy yours.


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