Globe Gripz - Weight Training Device

Globe Gripz

Designed to add variety, increase strength, reduce joint discomfort, and improve sports performance, Globe Gripz are a simple weight training aid that allow you to train more efficiently and effectively. Simply slip Globe Gripz on to your bar, dumbbells, or cable handles. The patented Globe Gripz design allows the hand to form a unique and comfortable arch around the globe, greater utilising your less dextrous Ring and Pinky fingers for a stronger functional-grip – ideal for strength training and also grip rehabilitation. Leading Personal Trainer and Natural Bodybuilding Champion Matt Bembridge advises “I have found success using Globe Gripz with clients suffering from Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”.

Better-still, pop Globe Gripz on a straight bar and you can swap from an orthodox (normal) grip of the globes to an EZ-style grip (wrists angled inward) or neutral-grip (palms facing) to improve comfort and reduce strain on the wrists, elbows, or shoulder complex. Matt further explains “Having injured my Rotator Cuff a couple of years ago, I found discomfort with most pressing exercises with an orthodox-grip of the bar, whereas a neutral-grip allowed me to train progressively and still compete at a high level. I am now injury free!” 

Furthermore, Globe Gripz are the approximate size of a Baseball or Cricket Ball, therefore, they’re also great for performing exercises with a pitching or bowling grip – making them ideal for sports-specific training too.

Here’s a video review of Globe Gripz from Matt:

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