Dumbbell Bling

Dumbbell Bling.

This simple idea came from a requirement to logo up some display items quickly. A year on, I've been asked about the "Dumbbell Bling" many times, so I thought I'd make them available to you all. Here's why you should add Dumbbell Bling to your old set of Pro-Style Dumbbells:

  • Make an impression with personalisation!
  • Easily identify weight increments!
  • Makes old dumbbells look like new!
  • A fraction of the cost of new dumbbells!
  • Great advertising method!

Nothing makes an impression quite like personalisation – it’s the icing on the cake. With many gym-goers sharing their workout images online, it makes sense to have your brand in their hands. With Dumbbell Bling you can even add a hash tag (#YourGymHere) for gym users to post and search online – it’s a great extension of word-of-mouth advertising and gets your gym noticed and remembered. Better-still, in the gym, it makes it far easier to identify weight increments and can make a trusty old set of Pro-Style Dumbbells look like new for a fraction of the price of new dumbbells.

Your personalised Dumbbell Bling is heat treated on to the aluminium face of the dumbbell end-plate, so it’s there to stay. Choose your own logo, layout, font of increment in kgs and/or lbs, and end-plate finish.

Dumbbell Bling can be retrofitted to an existing set of Pro-Style Dumbbells. Here's a video showing how easy it is to do:

If you wish to order a set of Dumbbell Bling for your old set of Pro-Style Dumbbells and require a quote, please email info(@) with a high-resolution image of your logo and advise how many pairs of dumbbells are in your set e.g. 2.5kg to 50kg in 2.5kg increments, 20 pairs.

Alternatively, contact one of our approved Gym Professor dealers and advise them of your interest and requirements. You may even wish to check out deals on some of their new sets of dumbbells.

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