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Limted Edition 'Gym Professor' Workout Vest (Black)

Limited Edition 'Gym Professor' Vest

For a while, we've been asked to provide Gym Professor training vests, t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc. All of which, we've been very keen to offer, as it's great that you wish to wear the Gym Professor badge with pride and support our free-online-resource. Well, with black vests being by far the most popular request, here it is: the lightweight athletic vest to show off that physique you’ve worked so hard on: The Limited Edition ‘Gym Professor’ Workout Vest (Black).

Colour: Black.
Fabric weight: 165 gsm.
Material: 100% cotton Belcoro™ yarn.
Style: Athletic.
Brand: Fruit of the Loom.
Logo on Front: White banner logo.
Logo on Reverse: White landscape logo.
Gender: Men and Women. High cut armholes for unisex fitting.
Price: GBP (£) 19.99.
Shipping: Free worldwide shipping included in product price.

IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE: I (GP) would describe these vests as on the small side, therefore, I recommend ordering a size greater than you may do ordinarily. For example, I wear Medium sized T’s, but require a Large vest. Our Limited Edition Workout Vests are a "special order" product and are not subject to return or replacement.


Thank you for supporting the Gym Professor free-online-resource and proudly wearing your Limited Edition 'Gym Professor' Workout Vest. If the vests prove popular, we shall endeavor to release more items in the future. Let us know your thoughts and wants.


(Gym Professor)
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