Grip-Strength and Arm Development:
Real-World Results with Globe Gripz

Forearm development with Globe Gripz

Matt writing. My main personal training reasons for developing Globe Gripz was the extra variety they create to “mix-up” my own training, to allow quick transitions between exercises, and offer differing grips to help avoid injury. I had expected some grip-strength improvement and forearm development too, but, having trained naturally and consistently for 18+ years (and competed for 10+ years), I wasn’t expecting too much improvement here. I was a little arrogant to assume my physique may have reached near its potential – I was just plain wrong!

At the time of writing this, I’ve used Globe Gripz day-in day-out for just over 5 months and have used them on far more exercises than I ever imagined. In fact, there are not too many exercises I do without them. Globe Gripz have fulfilled my quota of adding variety, quick transitions, and helping avoid injury, however, I’ve noticed very significant grip-strength and arm development too. It started with major DOMS in my forearms and triceps, which is something I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Then, I noticed things like deadlifts, pull-ups with weight, fat bar chins, were all improving, as well as struggling to pull sleeves over the tops of my forearms. I was not actively looking for these results, they just happened.


Aside from using Globe Gripz, no other factors have changed significantly over the 5 month period for me to re-attribute the positive side-effects. I may have trained with a little more vigour thanks to Globe Gripz, but conversely I've worked very long hours with less sleep. And, the improvements are over a relatively short timescale for a weightlifting stalwart like me.

The attached images are just regular images taken on my phone around the time of writing this article. These images have not been altered in any way and I have not done anything to enhance my appearance – I’m off-season, it’s cold, I've taken the photos in various bad lights, I have not trained, I have not used any product to increase my vascularity (you get the idea - I've just picked my phone up and taken the shot).

Here are my before stats...

Arm Flexed Girth: 15”
Forearm Flexed Girth: 12”
Grip-Strength Test: ‘Above Average’

And, my after (5 months in)...

Arm Flexed Girth: 16”
Forearm Flexed Girth: 12.5”
Grip-Strength Test: ‘Excellent’


Here's looking forward to my next competition :)

Thanks for reading,

Matt Bembridge

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