ACTECH Pro, France

ACTECH Pro, France gym equipment supplier

Offering the worldwide acclaimed Globe Gripz ergonomic workout tool across France, ACTECH Pro are an established gymnasium trade supplier, attending many industry shows and outfitting some of the best gyms across France. You’ll be able to try out Globe Gripz for yourself and see what other great kit ACTECH Pro offer at the two biggest industries show’s in France – the Salon Mondial Body Fitness Paris Expo in March and the Salon Rééduca Paris Expo in September.

ACTECH Pro personalized dumbbells.

To contact ACTECH Pro regarding a one-off purchase or resale opportunities for Globe Gripz, please telephone them on +352 2650 2510 or contact them via email info(@)


For our French fans, please check out the following independent review of Globe Gripz from celebrated coach Olivier Bolliet:

If you have any further queries regarding Globe Gripz, please just let either ourselves (Gym Professor) or ACTECH Pro (our Official France Dealer) know.

If you enjoy using Globe Gripz and wish to tell us about it, please do so via email or our social media - we love to hear success stories (oh, and see pictures too). Cheers, GP

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