Pre-Test Precautions

Bleep test performed by the RAF

As mentioned on many other web pages, prior to undertaking fitness tests with your client, you should be fully qualified, have a satisfactorily completed PAR-Q with informed consent, & appropriate insurance.

Your client should also adhere to the following pre-test precautions:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing.
  2. Have a good nights sleep the day before.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol the day before and on the day of assessments.
  4. Avoid heavy meals less than 2 hours before assessments.
  5. Avoid smoking at least 2 hours prior to the assessments.
  6. Avoid caffeine drinks less than 2 hours before assessments.
  7. Avoid strenuous physical activity on the day of assessments.
  8. If unwell, reschedule assessments.

Since first writing these pre-test precautions many years ago, I've found this brief article cross-referenced time-and-time-again. If you have found it helpful too, please share it with your friends (and quote the as the source please).

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