Cardio Workouts - Considerations & Options

Cardio gym workout options

As highlighted in other chapters, there's many cardio options out there - both cardio equipment and cardio workouts - and it can be a bit of a minefield choosing the right path. The right option for you is one that suits your ability, goals, and current period of training. Even more importantly, try to perform an exercise you enjoy! I (GP) have listed sample gym workouts and fitness workouts on this website to provide you with some ideas.

To help further, I've categorized several cardio equipment options and program types to easily identify their typical associated level of difficulty when conjoined in a cardio workout program (NOTE: They're not always the case though!). The chart covers equipment choice and workout intensity (sort of). You should also consider training and rest days & workout duration when designing a workout regime.

Cardio Equipment Options:
Cardio Program Type
Stationary Exercise Bike,Treadmill Walking, Arm Ergometer Base Training/ Steady State
Cardio Equipment Options:
Cardio Program Type
Cross Trainer/ Elliptical Trainer, Treadmill Running, Rowing Machine, Stepper
Interval Training(Difficulty rising respectively from High Rest:Little Work to Little Rest:High Work + Fartleks)
Cardio Equipment Options:
Cardio Program Type
Stairclimber, Versa Climber, The Wall (Climbing Wall)
Interval Training (Little Rest:High Work)Fartlek (Random Intervals)


If you're new to training, it's advised that you seek medical advice prior to undertaking a new exercise regime. If the workouts are for a new client, you should also take the rudimentary precautions of a PAR-Q and health/ fitness tests. Articles on these subjects can be found on

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