Tricep Pressdowns

Reverse-Grip Tricep Pressdowns

Here's an extract from the 'Exercise of Month' feature in the September 2013 issue of Living magazine:

Hammering horseshoes and banishing bingo wings: here’s our Exercise of the Month: Triceps Pressdowns.

The Triceps, a three-headed muscle situated at the back of the upper arm, are responsible for straightening the elbow. When well-developed (and presented on a lean physique), they form an aesthetically pleasing horseshoe like appearance. For those suffering what is colloquially know as bingo wings, fat and/or extra skin that hangs from the underside of the upper arms (i.e. over the triceps), triceps exercises are often promoted to banish this dilemma. This is not untrue, but a little misleading – I’ll explain how exercising the triceps can be of benefit. You cannot spot-reduce fat accumulation in an area by exercising muscles within the vicinity (remember this with sit-ups people); however, exercising is key to help bring about an energy deficit and subsequently burn off excess body fat. If advancing years is partially responsible – muscle atrophy and decreased skin elasticity – developing larger muscle bellies through regular and progressive exercise can greatly enhance the appearance.

Reverse-Grip Tricep Pressdowns - Start Position


Reverse-Grip Triceps Pressdowns Mid-Position


Here’s how we perform Triceps Pressdowns:

  1. Set the cable handle at a suitable height. To improve exercise comfort, you may choose from a variety of cable handles and grip-styles (Globe Gripz are recommended!)*.
  2. Grab the cable handle to assume the load. Stand upright with your back straight and your elbows bent by your sides. Start-Position. Note: Your lower back and abs should stabilise your torso and your shoulders keep your upper arms fixed in position. 
  3. Inhale. Then, keeping your elbows by your sides, exhale and straighten your elbows in a controlled manner until your hands are by your thighs and squeeze your triceps. Mid-Position.
  4. Inhale whilst controlling the negative to return to the Start-Position and repeat for desired number of repetitions. 

Further note: Do not lean forward to aid the press – stay upright throughout!

A cable machine is preferred for this exercise in order to provide continued resistance throughout the movement. It can also be performed successfully using resistance bands. A similar exercise variation - Kickbacks - can be performed at home using dumbbells, cans, or bottled water.

*Slip Globe Gripz onto a cable handle (as shown below) to easily change your grip-style to improve comfort or simply add variety. Using Globe Gripz, here’s a good tri-set gym workout for your Triceps...

21's for Triceps

If you like performing 21's and tri-sets, check out more advanced training ideas here: Advanced Training Methods

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