IBS Chest Press (two-arm)

IBS Chest Press

Start & Finish Position

IBS Chest Press


Please find an image to the left indicating how to correctly perform an IBS Chest Press.

Personally (GP writing), I'd rather you steer away from the IBS Chest Press. You should instead concentrate on equivalent exercises, such as, Flat Bench Press or Flat Dumbbell Press etc.

The above said, the IBS Chest Press is certainly an alternate exercise you can opt for on occasions. The IBS Chest Press is particularly favored for sports-specific supplementary training, whereby the exercises you perform mimic exercises you'll be performing during your sport. An example being, IBS Chest Press being used by a Basketball player, or one-arm or alternating IBS Chest Press being used by a Boxer. For further ideas on sports-specific training and structuring your workouts, review the bestselling book Gym Workouts Maps to Success.

Muscle worked during the IBS Chest Press:

Primary Muscles: Pectoralis Major - Mid Sternal Fibres.
Secondary Muscles: Anterior Deltoids, Triceps, Serratus Anterior, Anconeus.
Stabilizing Muscles: Lateral Deltoids, Rectus Addominis, Transversus Abdominis, Forearm Flexors...