Pectoralis Major (Chest) Exercise Demonstrations

Pectoralis Major muscle group (from GP Shuffle workout app)

Okay, many of you may've visited this section a bit too frequently - remember, you should be aiming to develop a balanced physique! Training each body part appropriately and evenly will always achieve the best results, no matter what your goal. For ideas on workout plans, please visit the Gym Professor's free sample gym workout routines, see the 'Workouts' category.

Below are a list of various chest exercises. The related exercise pages provide an exercise illustration and, in time, basic instruction and detail muscles exercised, what the exercise is for & who the exercise is for. As mentioned on other pages, I suggest that you (or your instructor) have a basic understanding of anatomy, kinesiology in particular.

NOTE: The exercises illustrations and information provided are reference material only. If you are at all unsure how to perform certain exercises, you should not perform them! Instead, you should seek competent professional tuition within your gym environment.

You may also find our free gym workout app (GP Shuffle) of great help with your training endeavors. Exercise images are from the GP Shuffle workout app.

Chest Exercises