Exercise Demonstrations - Lats

Anatomy image from GP Shuffle workout app

Okay, Lat Exercises, or, to give them their correct name, Latissimus Dorsi - the major muscles of the back. The angles at which we can bring our arms toward our torso means that there's an abundance of exercise options we can perform on a huge array of machines and equipment. I (GP) will list most of the commonly performed exercises below.

Something to note, I'm typically asked by seasoned trainers and instructors "Why can't I hit my lats, my biceps always tire first?". Typically, this is due to over training their biceps (sometimes training them the day before) & then hammering their back. As mentioned above, most exercises involve bringing your arms toward your torso, so your biceps are a major synergist (helper) during the movement (emphasized even more with narrow-grip exercises). A sensible amount of back to bicep training is recommended (refer to the FREE gym workout routines), but performing wide-grip exercises first or isolating the lats, with exercises such as straight arm pulldowns or pullovers, will certainly help to blast those lats, and, remember to perform these exercises with good form! For more information, search the Gym Professor website and subscribe to our free newsletter.

Exercises for Lats