Neutral-Grip Bench Press

Neutral-Grip Bench Press

Are shoulder problems stopping you from Bench Pressing? Have you tried a Neutral-Grip Bench Press? You may find a neutral-grip (palms facing) helps to reduce (or even avoid) discomfort of the shoulder complex. Put the bench on an ever-so-slight incline (e.g. 30 degrees) and this may help further. 

A Swiss Bar will allow you to perform a Neutral-Grip Bench Press, although I realise that many gyms do not own these and they're quite an expensive purchase (a few hundred dollars). Here (image above), we use the diverse multi-grip Globe Gripz™, which make it easy to switch grip to help avoid against discomfort of your shoulder complex. One of my favored supersets with the globes for chest is a Neutral-Grip Bench Press superset with an orthodox-grip for regular Bench Press - give it a go! Although, you'll find you need a lot less weight - it's pretty tough.

Video of Neutral-Grip Bench Press

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