Exercise Demonstrations - Forearms

Forearm Flexors muscle group

It must be remembered that your forearm's flexors are working as a stabilizer (for grip) during most other exercises.

Commonly, gym-goers will add extra forearm exercises to their gym workouts due to muscle soreness or fatigue of forearm flexors and it affecting their biceps or back training. In truth, overtraining of back & biceps is more often the cause for fatigue. The amount of work your forearm flexors have to do day-to-day in & outside the gym is pretty impressive - they're a tough little muscle group. Performing a ridiculous amount of biceps exercises and pulling exercises for back is undoubtedly going to be hindered by tired forearm flexors. Rather than train your forearms even harder, a suggestion would be to address both your grip method (you're probably gripping too tightly than is necessary on many exercises) and exercise options and order. For sensible gym workout routines visit our sample 'Workouts', purchase our bookk Gym Workouts: Maps to Success, or download our app GP Shuffle for free. You should also find that smarter training with GLOBE GRIPZ™ will help improve your grip strength massively.

However, if you genuinely need to improve your grip-strength for your chosen sport (i.e. Powerlifting) or physical activity, or it is necessary for rehabilitation, then you should find the following exercise register useful. As well as these exercises, there's also a variety of gym equipment manufacturers producing specialist grip training equipment - grip eggs, grippers, pinch grip blocks, thick grip weight training bars, and the best and most versatile of the lot: GLOBE GRIPZ™.

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Exercises for the forearms