Exercise Demonstrations - Lower Back (Erectus Spinae)

Erectus Spinae (Lower Back)

Exercising the lower back throws up many other questions, answers, and debates. In brief, if you have no existing back problems, lifting correctly (inside & outside the gym), and strengthening your lower back muscles, should help you avoid possible injury.

For most weight trainers, the majority of your lower back work will be as a stabilizer or assist/ helper during other exercises (squats and deadlifts being prime examples). Therefore, you should only perform specific lower back exercises toward the end of a workout (refer to article 'Gym Workout Rules-of-Thumb'). Also, as your lower back is a major stabilizer during most exercises, if you have no existing back problems, do not wear a back support! A back support will only serve to take load off your lower back, not help to strengthen it. If you're lifting a weight heavier than you've ever lifted, this is an instance where sometimes wearing a back support is a sensible measure to avoid possible injury. Commonsense should prevail. 

Relating to lower back and "core" strength, you may find the article 'How to get Six-Pack Abs' useful too.

Exercises for the Lower Back

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