Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Alternating)

Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Alternating)

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Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Alternating)


Dumbbell Hammer Curls can be performed two-arm, one-arm (shown), or alternating arms.

An inverted/neutral grip of a Hammer Curl is often preferred amongst female workouts in order to hit the Brachialis muscle, rather than Biceps Brachii specific exercises. This can help avoid against the look of a "peaky" bicep. To further increase exercise options and variety for arms, check out GLOBE GRIPZ™.

As mentioned on other biceps exercise pages, remember, during curls your shoulder joint should remain near motionless - movement occurs around your elbow joint - so do not swing a weight in order to lift more, as you'll only be cheating yourself.

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