Healthy Eating

This is a difficult category to summarise, as many people term and perceive "healthy eating" to mean many different things, for example, a Google search brings up search results from dieting, the food pyramid, food recipes, lifestyle. All of these are relevant and, to some degree, are interrelated. But, I guess, in relation to myself, I (GP) would term healthy eating as....

"Fulfilling your nutritional requirements efficiently with a varied and balanced diet which you enjoy."

I know, not the catchiest of slogans and I'm sure I'll delete it at a later date, but to me this is largely true - healthy eating's not about being ridiculously regimented with a strict diet of certain percentages of food types and nutrients, it's about enjoying the food that you eat, but not TOO MUCH. That said, I feel it is very healthy to know more about how your body works and the role that food and exercise play to make it work more efficiently, so, please continue to peruse the Gym Professor free online resource and sign-up to our newsletter.