Work/Life Balance with Bodybuilding Thrown in

Dec. 7th, 2013 | By Scott Galton

Work:Life Balance

If you’re reading this article I can assume you like to go to the gym and take your hobby pretty seriously, in fact it’s a lifestyle. Every meal and every gym session is what you live for. Can’t say I blame you. Being strong, fit and healthy, even getting on stage as a bodybuilder or competing in powerlifting are pretty awesome. However they don’t pay the bills or help your relationships with the ones you love, for the most part.

So how do we develop a balance? This is how I “try” to.

Like most people, I work a full time job and I have a wife, friends and relatives that I like to spend time with. These are the most important things in my life and if something comes up, like a family member is very ill then quite simply, that comes before a workout. This may come across that I am skipping workout outs all the time. Nope, I get up at 5:00am in the week so I can do a bit of cardio to stay healthy and get my ass to the gym for 6.30am. I do this as very little can happen at that time to mean I have to miss a workout. I can stay on late for work if I have to and there are no worries.

Eating is generally where most people fall down in their fitness goals and with so many temptations and quick fixes around, it’s easy to just pick any old thing up. Now for me that won’t do. For 99% of my food I like to have good food that I have cooked myself. I know what’s in it, I know how long it’s been prepared for and I can make it to suit my own taste. This is extremely important whilst in preparation for a bodybuilding show as being as lean as possible is more about diet than anything else. I also do this in the off season. This is only possible by buying food in bulk, mainly protein and vegetables. I bulk cook my food. Every week I cook all my chicken for the week and freeze any extra. I make my meals for work and tub them up. I put my post workout shakes in shakers (dry). I even load up the slow cooker with meat, vegetables, herbs and stock and make food specifically for the freezer, just in case we are too rushed to cook on night. Be prepared.

Whilst focusing on a show I have a very one track mind. I am just giving it all; this can mean I become a bit of a hermit. People except that whilst I’m prepping for a bodybuilding show, to some degree, I still go out to important events but generally I’m stay at home.

Now in the offseason I like to address the balance. I will happily stay on at work, take my wife wherever she wants to go for the day and get shopping for my Mum and Dad. Anything I can do to help I do. They appreciate it and they know a show is a set period of time and you will be back to your normal self.

So in closing, yes it’s totally possible to have a normal life, chase a dream and keep using your Globe Gripz. You just have to be prepared, willing to work to a plan to suit your life and generally just get the job done.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Galton

Scott Galton bodybuilder

Photo of Scott by Fivos Averkiou of Showshoots.

This is a guest article submitted by Scott Galton. Scott is a natural bodybuilder that competes with the UKDFBA and NPA federations. He is also a fitness blogger and a Smart Tec sponsored athlete.

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